Ways to be anonymous online

Internet privacy concerns aren’t any longer just realm of terrorists, hackers, and cybercriminals. Internet identity if compromised will make users prime target for various kinds of illegal activities and identity thefts. There are several individuals who are worried about safety when online and hence look TRUSTe-Internet-Users-Growing-Privacy-Concernsfor ways to surf anonymously so as to protect their identity. In this digitalised age if you want to keep your online activities safe and secure then you need to follow some basic precautionary steps that also serve towards disguising and hiding your identity. Prior to talking about ways of being anonymous online, let us see what anonymity is. Sites are nowadays tracking visitors for serving advertisements and linking to social media. Each time when users visit a site their IP address (internet protocol), browser used by them, their OS, what links they clicked, what website they are coming from, and how much time they are investing on one website is recorded. Moreover, all primary search engines will store search history of users so as to compile and analyse them for targeting much accurate advertisements and offering relevant search results.

Social networking sites are also tracking you wherever you are going. In case users are logged on to any social networking website, those networks will be tracking their browser history especially if the website one has visited has social networking plugins such as Retweet, Like, and so on. Internet Service Provider is capable of analysing network traffic and seeing what all one is doing on internet. Surfing anonymously completely isn’t possible even if you are using best tools and techniques for doing so. Given below are few ways of being anonymous online.

  • IP hider software – Installing these software is pretty simple as these get installed within seconds with minimum clicks ip hider softwarerequired. These software allow users to access blocked sites as well as bypass filters. There are few IP hider tools that offer online privacy just by cleaning online tracks. Maximum IP hider tools allow adding manually proxy so that users can add proxy of their own. One can update their proxy list periodically as well as check for the new proxies that are available. Generally IP Hider tool providers offer yearly subscription packages for hiding proxy. There are options that will help you change connections as well as randomize connections on a regular basis. The aim of these software solely is to prevent identity of users from unethical or illegal activities.
  • Password Manager – Users should make use of password manager for keeping strong passwords. In case users have used internet for more than a week, there are chances that their password is being scanned or tracked. In case one is planning using slight variations password or same password for more than one website, they are at massive security risk. Suppose their one site is hacked, other account can also be hacked easily. Here you can use password manager that will not only remember passwords for every website that users visit but would also allow users to create random and strong passwords. Moreover, if you are using password manager tools, you don’t require worrying about remembering passwords.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – VPN offers high level of security as it makes use of advanced authentication and encryption protocols. Using VPN, you can access all kinds of applications anonymously such as emails, chats, browsers, etc. Basically Virtual Private Network is encrypted connection that is between the server and user. Traditionally VPN service was used by corporate environments for remote workers to securely and remotely make use of company resources. You can consider VPN as tunnel through internet connecting users with a server directly.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) – Secure Shell tunnel often is referred to as poor man’s VPN as it can offer few features as VPN without much complicated server setting-up activity, though there are some limitations with SSH. This system is solely designed for network traffic forwarding. In general, SSH is employed for securely acquiring as well as using remote terminal sessions. It makes use of strong encryption where users can set their SSH client for acting as SOCKS proxy. Post SSH is operational, one can configure their applications on system- like their browser for using SOCKS proxy. Traffic will enter SOCKS proxy that is running on local system and SSH client will forward it via SSH connection. This process is called SSH tunnelling as well and it works similar to VPN. Traffic between SSH server and computer would be encrypted hence the browser can encrypt connections just as it could if using VPN.
  • TOR – This software is free and is used to enable anonymous communications. The name TOR is derived from actual project that is The Onion Router. This software will direct tor-routinginternet traffic via worldwide, free, volunteer network that includes 6000 plus relays for concealing location and usage of user from conducting traffic analysis or network surveillance. When using TOR, it becomes tough for internet activities to get tracked: it includes different forms of communications, instant messages, visit to sites, and online posts. Use of Tor is for protecting user’s personal privacy and their ability as well as freedom of conducting confidential communication thereby keeping internet activities of theirs away from being monitored. Users can make use of Tor browser. This would act as multiple proxies wherein it would bounce traffic between several relays prior to reaching its destination. Traffic that is going through Tor Browser would be anonymized and TorBrowser browsing would be comparatively slower than other regular internet browsers.
  • Throwaway Email – Make use of throwaway email for registering to websites. Ensure that email address isn’t containing any kind of personal information as well as it shouldn’t be linked to the account that is storing personal information of the user.
  • Privacy-oriented Search Engines – Making use of primary search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. that will allow them to track all that users are searching as well as link them to IP address of the system. Instead users can use alternative search engines that don’t track searches and some of these are StartPage and DuckDuckGo.

About Google’s Piloted Driving Technology

Google Self-Driving Car, Google’s project involves autonomous cars developing technology primary for electric cars. Google’s car is powered by software called Google Chauffeur. There is lettering on car’s each side Google Self-Driving Caridentifying it as “self-driving car”. Currently this project is being undertaken by Sebastian Thrun who is an engineer at Google as well as former director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He is Google Street View’s co-inventor as well. Thrun along with his team at Stanford has designed robotic vehicle CALLED Stanley that won DARPA Grand Challenge 2005 award with $2 million prize award from United States Department of Defense. This team includes fifteen engineers who are working for Google and some of them include Mike Montemerlo, Anthony Levandowski, and Chris Urmson who’s worked on DARPA Grand and Urban Challenges.

In 4 states of United States and Washington DC, legislation has already been passed allowing driverless cars. It was on 29th June 2011 when Nevada State passed a law permitting autonomous cars operation in Nevada post Google started lobbying in state for laws related to robotic car. Nevada law took effect from 1st March 2012 post which Nevada department of motor vehicles had issues first license for autonomous car in 2012 May to Toyota Prius that was modified with experimental driverless technology from Google. It was in 2012 April when Florida became 2nd state that was permitted testing on public roads of autonomous cars.

Robotic cars from Google are having nearly 150,000$ in equipment including LIDAR system of 70,000$. Range finder that is placed on top is 64-beam laser Velodyne. This laser permits vehicle to generate 3D map in detail about its environment. Robotic car will then use those maps generated as well as combine them with maps of high-resolution of the world thereby producing varying kinds of data models allowing automatic driving. Till 2014, June, this system was working with inch-precision map of area which vehicle will be using that had extremely high definition. Some of these areas include places hiving high traffic lights. Apart from on-board systems, there are few computations carried out on the remote computer farms as well.

Project team of robotic car has equipped test group containing 10 cars at least including 3 Lexus, one Audi TT, and 6 Toyota Prius where each one is audi piloted drivingaccompanied by one driver in driver’s seat having unblemished driving record. One of the engineers at Google is seated in passenger’s seat. The robotic car travelled Lombard Street in San Francisco that is popular for steep hairpin turns of it as well as through city traffic. These cars have driven around Lake Tahoe and Golden Gate Bridge. It drives at limited speed that is stored in its map as well as maintains distance from all other vehicles using sensors system. This system also offers override allowing human drivers to take control of their car by stepping on brake or by turning the wheel just as in cruise control systems that are found in several cars running today.

It was on 28th March, 2012 when Google posted video on YouTube showing Morgan Hill California resident Steve Mahan taken on drive in self-driving Toyota Prius of Google. In that video you will find Mahan stating that 95% of his vision is gone and he is legally blind. Youtube video contains description that route carefully programmed picks him from his house to drive-through restaurant, next to dry clean store, and ultimately to his home back. It was in 2012 August when the team declared that they’ve finished nearly 300,000 autonomous-driving miles free from accidents having typically dozen of cars on road at all time. They will be testing with single drivers rather than in pairs.

It was in 2010 when an accident took place involving driverless car from Google being rear-ended while it stopped at traffic light. As per Google, the accident took place because of a car that was human-operated. It was in 2011 August when driverless car from Google got involved in crash that took place near headquarters of Google in California’s Mount View and to this Google responded that the particular car was being manually driven at the time when this accident took place.

Robotic car powered by Google will program your destination as well as figure out quickest possible route. One can see view of the world that this car uses for determining direction. There is a virtual street that is dotted with pink lidar-scanners-and-sensors-systemscolored boxes denoting cars and yellow boxes are there that denote pedestrians. Cyclists will be shown in red boxes. There is green path that tells you intended route. The entire team has invested last few months into mapping each and every junction, stop sign, zebra crossing, roundabout, speed bump, and traffic light in town so as to provide this vehicle with tools for navigating itself. Eyes of this car are high resolution video camera pair on side of it as well as on windscreen. A radar system is provided on front bumper and there is one laser mounted on roof also called Lidar. Lidar will spin ten revolutions per second as well as comes with 360 degree vision that reaches as far as five hundred feet which means length of 1 ½ football pitches. It also has ears that are microphone pairs near boot of this car for listening out horns and sirens while its sensors are on tyres to provide it idea of its width. For the first few seconds, drive would be somewhat nerve-racking but later on it becomes smooth, as suggested by several test takers for this car. Also there would be jerks occasionally when car is processing what’s going on as well as how best it should respond to it though for most part of your drive, it would be confident and smooth. Its skills can be seen when it goes past nearby running cars that are waiting for merging into its lane. Google says that concept of autonomous cars isn’t about glamour and gadgetry like that in James Bond movies but ultimately the aim of this project is making roads safer.

Tips on how to use email service securely

Email account is now an important part of our personal identity because today we do our correspondence and communication. One email account holds lot of personal information about you and this is why it is important to use email service securely. There are a few tips that can be followed for secure emailmaking email service more secure. First thing to do is to have a strong password. There are few very common passwords that are quiet simple to crack and guess and this is why it is good to have a password that has mix of digits, letters and special characters. When accessing your email account on a device that is not yours it is very important to log out instead of closing window.

The recovery email account should also be secure. You must never write your passwords or save them as a file that can be found by using word password. One very important thing to do is to avoid accessing email accounts on public networks like in a free Wi-Fi zone. It is quite easy to access information and public domains. You should set mobile alerts for getting information about change in password or any other sensitive information about your email account.

At times we get many span emails in our account. Some of them ask for some of your information against a promise of some huge sum of money or a prize, which is called email phishing. One must never reply to such emails. Divulging any kind of personal information may help hackers in accessing your account. Log in information must never be shared with anyone. In case you have to share it at some occasion then it must be changed as soon as you can.

While selecting a security question it is very important to do that with lot of care. Many questions like your pets name or name of your school are some questions for which the answers might be known to your close friends or people who have been with you for a long time. If your email id is associated with your bank account then security of your email account becomes even more important. Keeping a little information about your account only up to email servicesyou, might be a good thing. It is advisable to keep the password of your account as small little secret about you.

Certain domains are more secure than others and this is why more popular. You must keep your email account with a domain that offers more security features especially if that email account is associated with your business or professional information in any manner. Some anti-viruses also offer security of email account as a feature. This should be helpful in adding another layer of security to your account.

A Tantalizing Dalliance Can Tempt Even The Noblest Person

When you’ve been married a long time, your eyes can wander.  This is true A Tantalizing Dalliance Can Tempt Even The Noblest Personfor men and women – whether they want to admit it or not. Most married people aren’t looking to create trouble in their relationships.  Divorces are messy and expensive and most marriages have children involved.  But some will go on to taste the forbidden fruit in the form of a ‘little on the side.’

The only way to keep an affair from happening is to work diligently on the relationship.  If we get tired and give up then we’re only creating trouble for ourselves.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but it just doesn’t pay off.  Even if you’ve been with someone thirty years you have to work on keeping things fresh. Flirting is a big help, as is keeping yourself physically active to ensure strong and vibrant health.

Don’t forget, there are people out there looking to enthrall married people in a quick, sexual conquest.  Don’t think for a second that your wife is not a target just because of her age.  A whole new generation of so-called ‘cougar hunters‘ would be happy to fool around with her.

Don’t think your wife is safe from hanky-panky just because she’s older.  If she has a cell phone she can be targeted by a text message philanderer who knows what hot buttons to push.  These guys are reading all about techniques to seduce women.  They make a game out of it these hardcore players do.  They don’t care who get hurts if they score.  Dating gurus like Josh Pellicer encourage these young guys to go after any women they can find.  I’m not trying to scare you here – just trying to open your eyes to what’s going on. You better guard your wife against the hordes of womanizers out there or she might just go for one of these Casanova’s and leave you behind!

The best way to fight fire is with fire!  You can use the same tactics these guys use so your wife will have to reason no step out on you.  If you’re truly committed to your woman there’s no need to slack off on your flirting duties.

You need to keep the home fires burning so no one has to look for action elsewhere.  If you fail to take action on that front you can’t really complain when someone else comes along and picks up the slack!

Married or not, you have to remember your woman has needs that must be satisfied.  If you fail to take care of them, there are plenty of other guys who are more than happy to!  That might be an unsettling thought, but it’s accurate in our current world.  Married woman are just another potential target for pickup artists of all sorts.  If you aren’t careful, these Don Juans will eventually get what their after.

A Cloud Phone System Is A Professional Business Upgrade

Being a small business can be challenging in many ways, but advances in technology is streamlining and making business services more affordable for everyone, including entrepreneurs and family operated businesses.

A cloud phone system is one of these great advancements. 

Twenty years ago only larger businesses could afford to install a professional business cloud phonephone system to handle incoming phone calls. Of course, this meant that someone in the Organization had to spend a substantial amount of money to purchase a PBX system to route phone calls, offer extensions, play music on hold, forward calls to the next available representative and accept voicemail messages.

Now all of that technology is available to anyone by way of a Cloud Business Phone system. Unlike many other phone systems being used today, you don’t have to buy new handsets because it works with phones that you’re already using – whether it’s a LAN line or a cell phone.

Getting started is easy as selecting a business phone number – you can choose from a local phone number, a toll-free number or even a vanity phone number  – and setting your preferences to begin routing phone calls within your organization. You can add extensions, offer customizable menu greetings for business hours as well as after hours navigation, allow callers to dial by extension, play audio clips as a navigation selection and offer music on hold, just to name a few calling features you – and your clients – are sure to enjoy.

If you want to upgrade your business’ professional image, a cloud phone system is sure to be just the ticket to doing just that. Integration is simple and you can start taking business calls wherever you – or your employees – go. This gives you more flexibility to take care of the things you need to – and take business related phone calls even when you’re away from your desk.

To find out more about this great new technology and how it can help your business grow, please visit: http://cloudbusinessphone.org to sign up today!

What Is Wireless DSL?

I’m often asked the question, what is wireless DSL?  I’ll attempt to answer it with this article.

Put simply, wireless DSL is an Internet connection that you make using radio signals rather than traditional wires. The high speed/bandwidth is very comparable to traditional DSL as well as cable modem Internet access. Wireless DSL is a relatively new technology, although it is very robust. This technology makes use of airwaves to connect customers.  One advantage that wireless DSL has is that the Internet access is up to 8 times faster than other technologies such as the regular copper wire used by your local telephone company or the coaxial cable that your local cable provider employs.

The principle of this technology is the same that has been used by radio stations all across the country for years.  A connection can originate any Wireless DSLwhere in an entire state, but it can easily be heard by any one with a radio even if they’re miles away from the originating point of the signal.  The same holds true of your internet access.

What are the major benefits of wireless DSL?  There are three compelling reasons that make wireless DSL a great choice for internet access.

  • Wireless Internet access is up to 8 times faster than conventional DSL services and up to 20 times faster than cable Internet services.
  • Wireless Internet access is a point-to-point connectivity, which allows faster authentication on servers.
  • Wireless Internet is a new but proven technology, which allows the user to get more services than regular DSL or cable connections.

Basic installation in general costs around $350m but will vary according to specials. This fee includes the radio, antenna, router and mounting hardware. Please keep in mind that each installation is a bit different and quotes are provided for each site prior to installation. Thus prices may vary from case to case.

When you decide to try out wireless DSL, you will have to inform the providing company about it and it will be followed by a Site Survey by the technicians of the company. The technicians will assess the situation and then offer you various options based on your Internet needs.

How can I connect to wireless DSL?

You can access your wireless DSL connection via a wireless dsl modem.  Wireless DSL modems vary in price and quality, but ActionTec modems are popular and cost less than $75.

Wireless DSL providers

  • PeoplePC: Since 1999 the company is providing high quality, low cost Internet access nationwide. They offer Smart Dialer technology for the best and most reliable connections. There is customer care and technical support to help you at all times.
  • NetZero: NetZero offers easy-to-use, reliable Internet service with thousands of access numbers nationwide, fast connections, feature-rich email and Email on the Web, and instant messaging compatible with AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo.
  • Verizon: This company offers unlimited high speed broadband with a 30-day money-back guarantee. MSN Premium Internet Software comes with it.

Wireless DSL is definitely an option for those seeking high-speed broadband access.  It’s an affordable and effective way to access the internet.  For those who have multiple wireless devices, it can be a cost-effective solution that trumps its competitors.

Is Amazon A Good Alternative For Downloading Android Apps?

The amount of Android apps hosted by the Amazon Appstore now exceeds 4,000, so it comes as no surprise that people now consider this a viable alternative to find and download Android apps.

If you’re unsure whether or not a mobile application is right for you, there is an Android phone simulator to check the functionality with the Android software you’re considering for purchase. Android software available at Amazon is typically available for download through your personal computer or by way of the Amazon Appstore and sent directly to your mobile phone.

Much like the Android Market available on Android mobile phones, users have access to both free and paid apps that include Social Networking apps for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, WordPress and many others. Other mobile applications available at the Amazon app store include mobile games, travel guides for cities such as NYC, Las Vegas and Chicago provided by Tripadvisor as well as productivity apps, utility apps and even Netflix. Pricing on Android apps at the Amazon Marketplace depends on the application that you’re considering. Many apps are free or priced under $3.00, while others can be as expensive as $19.99. Apps that are more expensive include ones that offer secure messaging to access corporate networks and are geared towards more professional uses, over entertainment and gaming.

android apps

Since Amazon is always on the cutting end of technology, all applications for download are organized systematically and logically so that anyone, even a first time visitor, has no troubles finding the Android apps that they’re looking for. Users can connect to their Amazon account simply by entering their mobile phone number and selecting the apps they wish to install on their mobile phone. Since all members of Amazon have an easily accessible Order History, it’s easy to track the mobile apps that you’ve purchased – or downloaded – at the Amazon marketplace, whether it be the newest version of Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Scrabble, Little Piano or Roller Lite. Overall, the Amazon Marketplace is a great alternative to shop for mobile applications for your Android phone because their web pages make it easier to search for – and find – applications that you want to download on to your mobile phone. All you need to do after you’ve selected the applications that you’d like to download is enter your mobile phone number or Email address. Once you’ve done so, Amazon will pop up an instruction screen on what you need to do to download it to your Android mobile. The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete and then you’re good to go.
Overall, I would have to say that the Amazon Store is an OK alternative for people that want to download Android apps, so it should be considered as a viable alternative for Android users.

10 Occasions When You Should Wear Beaded Jewelry

There’s nothing  like a piece of beaded jewelry to grace your neck, wrist, ankle or fingers for special occasions. Here are 10 occasions that you should beaded jewelryconsider wearing beautiful handmade jewelry.

  1. Dinner Out – If you’re planning dinner out, you want to look fabulous! A beaded necklace accentuates your neck and shoulders. Pick a colorful piece that stands out against your skin tone or complements your outfit.
  2. Prom or Homecoming  –  There are only a handful high school proms and homecomings. A piece of handmade beaded jewelry completes your sophisticated look. Consider buying matching earrings and a bracelet to really stand out.
  3. Vacation – Beaded jewelry is perfect for vacation because it matches with beachwear, maxi dresses and casual clothes.  You can leave your more expensive pieces – like diamonds, gold and platinum – at home.
  4. New Year’s Eve – Nothing will put you in a more festive mood than bringing in the new year wearing  a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Swarovski Crystals, natural gemstones such as quartz, turquoise, pearls, mother of pearl, agates, black onyx and other fine materials make you feel stunning to ring in the New Year.
  5. Wedding Day – Beaded jewelry is perfect for bridal parties because it’s unique. These are wonderful bridal gifts, because beaded and lampwork jewelry can be worn and enjoyed after the wedding. If brides want everyone’s jewelry to be similar, but not the same, jewelry artisans can make custom pieces to meet your requirements.
  6. Graduation Day – Graduation day is one of the most joyous days in many young ladies life. Beaded jewelry is the perfect accessory to a graduation day cap and gown!
  7. Anniversary – If you’re celebrating an anniversary, a handcrafted piece of jewelry is certain to catch the eyes of your loved one.
  8. Networking Events – If you take part in networking events for business or personal reasons, beaded jewelry is sure to catch peoples attention and can serve as a conversation piece to ‘break the ice’ so to speak.
  9. Christmas Parties – Christmas parties are a great occasion to wear handmade jewelry, especially pieces that have a Christmas theme such as Christmas trees, snowflakes or other winter themes.
  10. Birthday Parties – If you want to look fabulous at your – or someone elses – birthday party, beaded jewelry is a perfect accessory.

Truthfully, almost any occasion is a great time to wear beaded jewelry. I hope that these 10 special occasions will inspire you to find a piece that expresses your unique style.

Staying Active In Retirement Is Essential For Good Health

It’s that time of your life when all of your “work” has been done. It’s time to say goodbye to the timeclocks that have been a part of your life for probably decades. It’s time to retire! Finally, your time can be called your own.

Chances are, you have been planning for this important day just as long as it took you to get here. Now is your time to live life how you want, you have the time to be an active senior.

There are many different ways to enjoy an active retirement. Some retirees RV'ing For Retireesmay opt to buy an RV to travel. There are so many beautiful places to see in this world, and with no time constraints a 7 day drive isn’t what it used to be. Add the convenience of gadgets like GPS system, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost, either!

If you decide the RV lifestyle is for you, but you want still want to earn money, there are services that can help place RVer’s in temporary job positions based on where they are traveling or staying. These jobs can vary from location to location, but are a great way to lead a productive lifestyle even in retirement. One of the benefits of having a home on wheels is that you have the freedom to stay at a quiet campgrounds or State Park in the great outdoors instead of staying in a nearby hotel.

For seniors that aren’t convinced that life on the road is the route for them, another option for retirees is to move to a retirement community.

It’s not surprising that there are many of these throughout the United States. Some of the more popular communities for retirees can be found in the warmer states including Florida and more arid regions such as Sedona, AZ, Crossville, TN, and Las Vegas, NV. For the active senior this is a perfect setting. Climates are suitable and these communities really do have a lot to offer. From public services on site (Police, Fire, Emergency) to numerous recreational activities such as golf, fishing, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, boating, shopping, and fitness programs (just to name a few) it is easy to understand why having an active retirement is easier than ever.

Life is not over just because you have retired. It is the time to enjoy all the beauty that is out there and do the things that you have always wanted to do and not feel guilty about it.

Does The TAO Of Badass Dating Program Really Work?

I read this TAO of Badass Review and I was forced to ponder the question: can it really work?  Women and men are vastly different creatures.  No one can argue about that.  When men hear that there’s a way to get more ‘action‘ with women, they tend to listen.  Joshua Pellicer has stirred up a lot of controvery with his TAO of Badass for the simple reason that it’s telling people something they’re surprised to hear.

The TAO Of Badass Even Claims To Work For ‘Regular Guys’

Lots of guys are programmed to thin they’re not worthy of chasing the joshuapellicertaoofbadasswomen they desire.  They feel like they should be ‘more buff’ or ‘richer’ before approaching the opposite sex.  Pellicer turns that idea on its head. Pellicer is happy to call himself a ‘regular guy.’  He doesn’t pretend to be the best-looking or coolest guy around. Yet his results with women speak for themselves.  Pellicer grew up in a trailer park and had to learn his system through hard work and ‘trial and error.’

You May Be Bad With Women But TAO Of Badass Can Teach You The Skills You Need Now

TAO of Badass was designed in order to teach ‘regular guys‘ the tricks they need to improve their pickup game.  Reviews have been coming in and the consensus is that this system really does work.  Whether you’re interested in being a ‘pickup artists’ or just looking for the woman of your dreams, the secrets unveiled in TAO of Badass can really help you elevate your game.

The TAO of Badass has made Joshua Pellicer extremely famous.  He’s appeared on many radio and TV shows and was even the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live.  Not bad for a self-professed regular Joe who had to teach himself all the basics first.

I bought the program and I implemented the lessons.  I found out this system really worked for my needs.  I don’t care about picking up every ‘chick’ I meet, but I did have my eyes on two females for quite some time.  Using the techniques I learned in TAO of Badass, I got dates with both of them.  Where the whole thing leads is unknown at this point.

If you’re interested in finding out whether it works for you, give it a try.  You have nothing to lose and a whole lot gain.