Ways to get anonymous online

Anonymity is actually something that is sorely in need these days. With lots of identity theft happening these days, and then also lots of unscrupulous characters online that can be scary like stalkers, or even pedophiles, and of online-anonymitycourse, hackers. Normally, you would only think that online threats would be limited to viruses and spam software, but now, with so many different things that can present you security threats, anonymity really has become something that is a little essential.
So what are the ways you can actually keep your identity protected online? Here are some of the tips we can give you to keep yourself anonymous online:
1.Do not use your real info. This applies especially if you are in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, or many others. Use fake information on social network to keep things private, but make sure to let your friends know that you are using these fake things so that they will know it is you also.
2.Use Ip hider software. This is something that many people not related to IT ip hider softwareknow of. There are now programs you can install on your computer or browsers which allow you to hide ip address online or even create a random false ip so that you cannot be traced quite easily. It uses proxies or for short, it makes your ip location in another terminal or computer that misdirects hackers or people trying to trace you.  You can easily google these things and see that they do work perfectly these days,
3.Use VPN, especially for business or personal transactions and communications. VPN stands for virtual private network, and though it is a bit more complicated to set up  and also utilize, this is a choice for most business which require privacy since all lines of communication is strictly monitored and restricted to so many levels. It is near to impossible to hack these kinds of network, hence keeps yourself anonymous online.
4.Deal only with the people you know. Remember that in social networks, many people will probably want to become your friend based on your pictures, interests, hobbies, and many more factors. Sure this person might look like a nice guy, but you never really know their intention. Better that you simply do not add them in your friends list and ignore them. If they happen to be an acquaintance of some friend you have online, then why not send a private message to your friend confirming details before adding them up? That way you can keep anonymity, and also protect yourself at the same time.
5.Install antivirus and internet security protection software. I have heard that some programs like the BitDefender Internet security has some good internet-security-softwareencryption program that allows you to encode all information when you are typing them online, preventing keyloggers from simulating your personal numbers. They also add layers of firewall and also prevent hacking and spam software which will definitely be of good use for your protection in the long run. They also have the ability to hide MAC address, quite an advanced setting so to say. These antivirus softwares are easily available online for quite the cheap amount considering the level of protection they can give to your computer.
6.Transact only with certified sites or ones which have an accredited payment system or bank. There are many sites these days that allow you to transact through methods like paypal or bank transfers, but make sure that you double check the validity of the website, There are things like certificates that websites have to present in order to verify that they are safe for transactions. Know them and you are protecting your identity online also.
7.Do not click on ads you see on web sites. Remember that ads are the main host for programs like spyware or adware. These are the programs that save up your ip address and then generate lots of pop ups, ads, and many more unwanted things on your computer. It is also the gateway for spams and hacks so better be careful about that 70% off coupon that pops up randomly on your screen.
Remember that there are lots of ways to keep yourself random and anonymous on the web. Some of them are even like common sense things to do, while some would require you advanced technology and software to be able to accomplish. The whole point of the matter is that if you want to keep yourself safe from online predators that aim to harm you and your personal information, better take that good step forward and start early in protecting yourself.  You don’t want to wake up one day seeing your bank account gone, or someone trying to stalk you first thing in the morning with creepy messages right? Take action and keep yourself anonymous.

Ways to get traffic for your Website

Businesses sure have it easier these days. With the internet being the superhighway for information, business, media, and even entertainment, who would not want to have all those people visiting their websites and becoming potential clients and customers right? At the current moment, our planet holds billions and billions of humans, and even if only 30 or 40% of that is going online everyday, it still is a big number which you can easily manipulate if you have the right kind of website to attract their attention. get web traffic
The number of people going to a specific website at any given time is called internet traffic, and for web sites and businesses, this spells money. Just getting a percent of all the traffic online to their website will already give them a good profit, so imagine what more if you increase the percent in a year right? Just for a quick example, in social media, there are stars born thanks to the number of likes and shares their posts or videos get right? This was how Justin Bieber was discovered and many other stars and celebrities from all over the world. It proves that the traffic to websites can really spell the difference between success and failure for websites.
So what are the good ways to help get traffic for your website? This is a good question and let us see some good ways or tips to accomplish this matter:
-Create a good website that exemplifies your product, brand, or service. Bright interface, solid GUI (graphical user interface) and ease of navigation is only a part of the overall look. Content is actually what makes it more viable for people to visit your site. People like seeing specifics, straight to the point information and not the run-around type of sites. If you are targeting the business side of things, then make your site a bit professional and straight to the point. People will appreciate it because they came to your site for that thing exactly, and not for some games or entertainment.
-Hire a wed designer and SEO experts; These two things come hand in hand these days. The web designers make it possible for SEO to be easily launched in the website. But what is SEO in the first place? This means search engine optimization. This is one of the best tools today that can help market your product or service. SEO experts utilize links and keywords to help promote your product or site itself easily. Remember that search engines are considered like the database of all information online? When your page happens to land on the top pages of a search engine for a specific related keyword to your product or service, chances are people will visit your website and become potential customers if they like what they see.
-Allow ads to be placed on your site: Remember, ads are also similar to TV commercials, and companies make full use of these things online in order to promote products. And like the SEO above, these ads will link back to your website and in turn increase the traffic to it.
-Do email blasts: Email is the way to communicate online. By utilizing these email-blastemail addresses, you can promote your website faster. Though this comes with a price these days as email databases are actually important for any business, and these things are sometimes sold by the bulk or by the millions. But in the case of a startup business, why don’t you try by starting off with your friends list and ask them to forward things to their own groups and go from there. You have to start from somewhere, and it is a good place to start.
-Create promotions: People love discounts and such. When your product is a good product and then people see that they can buy it for a lesser price than usual, it will perk their interest and by letting nature do its course, they will also be the ones to promote it themselves to other people and help increase the traffic more to your website.
-Create a marketing video: Youtube is a good place to start right? Create an advertisement or video of your product and service and promote it. ManyYoutube-marketing people are visual meaning that they rely on seeing products straight up rather than reading about them. This will also create a link back to your site and help increase the traffic more.
As you can see, there are so many ways to increase the traffic to your site. You just have to be creative enough and welcoming enough to ideas to make sure you benefit from them in the long run. Remember, more traffic equals more money and profits. Do not miss out on it by being stubborn.

Tips on video marketing

Video marketing is one of the more popular ways to promote things online these days. With websites like Youtube or Vimeo, you can easily post free videos and still get a chance to earn through a whole lot of ways at the same time. But it is not just about simply recording a video, posting it online, and then thinking it will run on its own and help you earn money and what not. It is so much more than that and success will not simply rely on the number of views it has.video marketing
Video marketing requires a whole lot of little things bunched together to make it worth seeing and to ensure it will market the brand or product better. Here are some of the good tips on video marketing you might want to consider:
-Keep your resources dedicated: Sure it would be nice to have those different kind of designs and providers for your video, however, finance wise, having more than 1 video outfit working for you will already lose you money. Hire only one dedicated video outfit, and concentrate on improving the quality little by little.
-Keep your story specific and relevant: Most videos these days focus simply on graphics. They lose out on story and relevance, making them only appealing to the eyes, but not the heart and mind of the viewers.  The product or the topic is the most important thing to blend into the video, and make sure to humanize these videos as to be able to connect with the audience.
-Show people too and not only products: This is a trick that is well-known among video marketing people. Using people to promote products, incorporating them by showing the use of the product, or even promoting the products like promodizers, is one of the key to the success of a video marketing effort.
-Keep it short and simple: the human mind is a complicated thing. While you would like complete video sets shown to showcase the whole product, why not consider cutting into segments or keeping it small and simple. It stimulates the curiosity among men, and makes the people want to try out the products themselves. Though this is a pain in the butt since editing is one of the hardest part of video creation, if you are able to keep it short and simple, then your success is half way guaranteed.
-End with a good page or statement: Never fade to black! This is one of the most essential parts of a video, the ending. If you are able to provide a page that will show probably a contact information, or an ending statement which highlights the product, then all the more better. Sometimes ads even end with a question to ponder on, to gauge the reaction of the viewers or their understanding of the product.
-Location, location, location: We are not talking about real estate here, but rather the right places or websites you need to post your marketing video. You just do not post it in any website. You need to research the viewers, and where the target crowd is. If you are aiming for the gaming community, then go to the sites that provide game info or downloads, or even the facebook community for that game. Knowing where to post your ad videos is what will determine your success.video communication strategy model
-Analyze and review the data from the video posts. Posting the video and getting the likes does not end the process. The critical part for the continuation of the success will have to be the post posting of the video. Do not rely on vanity like seeing the number of views or such. Understand what the comments are on the videos; learn where it actually got the best response, the kind of crowd that clicked it or viewed it more than once, and even find the information on where it can be possibly posted more in the future. Learning from your previous video will help pave the way for the next videos in the future and increase the chances of success big time.
Video marketing is a little more complicated than what you might think, but it is not that hard to succeed if you know the right tools to twerk in this one. Remember that the web is the best place to do your marketing videos, and make sure to make full use of this avenue. If you manage to land even half of 1% of the total viewers in the web, it is already a significant thing because we are counting billions of people going online everyday.  Follow the tips and tricks above, and learn from your mistakes and for sure the next video you will post will get the desired number of results and responses from the viewers.

Top 10 Internet Security of the Year 2015

This brief review is about the top 10 internet security of the year 2015, a more detailed review of top internet security can be found here.

1.Microsoft Security Essentialsmicrosoft-security-essentials
Please do not refer to the order of the top 10, particularly for this entry. This is listed first in order to get out of the way- Microsoft Security Essentials, or MSE for short, is the flagship internet security software created by Microsoft. It is not as extensive as other software- in fact; it is regarded as “baseline” security, to be used with a much more complete program.

MSE is pretty good at the basics, scores well enough, and is very simple, easy to install and non-intrusive. The only pop-up come from important announcement, and you can set the scan time and even limit CPU power. However, the actual security is very basic, and will not be able to hold up with a clumsy user who is not all familiar with computers and how viruses work. It will be enough for those who are reasonably knowledgeable, and especially those who keep their Windows computers up to date with the latest security updates. It works well on an already clean computer, for as long as the user knows how to keep it that way. Otherwise, it is just not quite enough.

A proper BitDefender 2015 review would require multiple pages for all the features that it has, despite its expensive price.

Bitdefender tries to optimize a system as much as possible while keeping it safe from threats and making sure all of your information is secure. My favorite feature by far is the rescue mode boot partition, wherein Bitdefender automatically creates an emergency rescue partition upon installation. Those who understand how horribly difficult it is to deal with messed up partitions will understand how much of a relief it is to have a clean backup.

Other features of this software include profiles for specific settings, data protection, web protection and wallet, which keep your passwords and credit card information, secure and auto-complete forms. It is definitely worth the price for those looking for an all in one security suite.

3.Avast Free
Another popular antivirus program, and is one of the favorites due to being free, just like MSE, but with stronger security and more features. This includes application analysis and network protection, the latter even checking the security on your router itself.

For a free security suite, it has higher than average detection rates for malware, and is enough security for anyone with even a little bit of computer sense. However, I have noticed that it can be rather intrusive and pushes too much the availability of a paid option.

A Kaspersky 2015 review, again, would require pages in order to give enough justification to warrant some recognition. However, I will run through the basics very quickly.

First of all, Kaspersky, one of the top internet security, is also one of the most affordable suites for the features it offers. It currently goes for $39.95 for a Kaspersky-Internet-Security-2015 reviewyearly subscription, $10 lower than Norton. The way it is designed, it is possible to use this software out of the box- after the basic installation; there is not much else for you to do, as it automatically chooses the best course of action for each decision. It values computer performance, and tries to keep itself as out of the way as possible, by not interrupting full screen gaming, shrinking itself during start up and postponing scans when a computer is being used with battery power.

Antivirus testing labs are big fans of this software, and for good reason.

5.Norton Security
From being a set of 3 different programs, everything is now packed into one, single package. Norton is able to detect a higher than average over 90% of malware as well as including settings for increasing performance and cleaning files. Best of all, a single license can power a huge 5 different devices.

Unfortunately, it does not already include Norton-Family, its parental control feature; unless a browser extension is installed. Further family features will require an addition $50 dollars per year- ironic considering how one of Norton’s strongest point is being a good option for families, due to the licensing agreement.

6.Trend Micro Internet Security
While not a Swiss army knife type of approach like most of the antivirus programs on this list, the appeal of Trend Micro Internet Security 2015 is its operation. Its focused improvement surrounded AV testing, as well as quick turnaround times for acquiring new virus signatures and applying it to the program. There are no multitudes of features here, only solid antivirus operations.

7.Bullguard Internet Security
Bullguard 2015 already contains all the security protocols plus a firewall, parental control and tune ups, and boasts having almost zero impact on performance while doing its work. It works well even with false positives, so you won’t have to face many disruptions.

8.G-Data Internet Security
German supplied software; G-Data is not the quickest scanner and can knock down performance. However, it has a smart enough system to not fall for false positives, letting you enjoy the user experience without unnecessary interruptions. Protection against malware is top notch, but again, performance is impacted highly.

9.McAfee Antivirus Plus
McAfee, as it always has been, is very reliable for blocking malicious URLs. AV tests will score it above average though it may take a few wipes in order to get rid of everything, only if considering you have a folder full of malware. Aside from the antivirus, it has a firewall, system tune-up and other common features- however, the firewall leaves a bit to be desired.

10.AVG Anti-VirusAVG-Anti-Virus
A long time player in the AV field, AVG familiarly uses layers in order to keep the security of a system: the usual anti-virus that prevents attacks based on known information, prevention of opening malicious files, and finally, updating the computer after real-time reports of moving viruses. Non-intrusive and reliable, it has been around since the 90’s.

The Future of Ripple

Crypto currency is arguably at its peak just before it completely explodes into mainstream transactions. Bitcoin has already begun the blaze, and other currencies are soon to follow.Ripple-Logo Ripple Labs joined the crypto currency front with what could only be called an all-star team: David Schwartz, Arthur Britto, Jesse Powell, Chris Larsen, and finally, Jed McCaleb, who is hailed by many as a genius of coding whose hobbies, include surfing and artificial intelligence. He is the creator of Mt. Gox, the bitcoin exchange system. Ripple was to use a ledge in order to complete transactions all over the world, with less cost and less time, akin to the information is now distributed. All types of currency are supported, including XRP, which is its native currency. ripple xrpIts system is open source, available for anyone who has the mind for it. The Ripple protocol makes it possible for families to send money to each other free and instantly, use frequent flier miles as assets and generally create easy paths for transactions and movement of currency. It had started off as well as any company could ever hope to, given the minds behind the organization. However, due to personal issues and a story too long to properly summarize, Jed left the dream team as quickly as it was created, due to a love interest that became too aggressive towards the business. In a nutshell, Jed became so mesmerized that he turned his back on his company and his family to go into another pursuit, still holding 9 billion XRP’s, In bitter yet invigorated interest, he sought to create a new company of, believe it or not, cryptocurrency yet again. To drive the nail home, he made an announcement of dumping the 9 billion XRP’s he still held, pretty much pertaining that the Ripple currency will be bloated and rapidly fall due to his flooding of the assets. “I plan to start selling all of my remaining XRP beginning in two weeks. Because I have immense respect for the community members and want to be transparent, I’m publicly announcing this before I start.” ripple-price-past-30-days This is the announcement that caused ripples to completely drop, with the price declining too much too quickly. He still gave up some of those assets to charity, though the flooding of his XRP into the open market still had too much of an impact. After his fallout with Ripple, McCaleb still goes after his pursuits in the field of crypto currency, working on a start-up that he has yet to unveil. After the remnants of the all-star team had to pick up the pieces of what McCaleb had left, they managed to get back into operation while McCaleb had been working on Stellar, a new crypto currency company he started after he left Ripple. At this point in 2015, Ripple Labs is still going strong, still while dealing with numerous disputes with Stellar, one of which encompasses $1m worth of funds between Ripple, Stellar and McCaleb. Last May, Ripple Labs managed to close a $28 million Series A funding round, including multiple large venture corps and even Seagate Technology. Funds will be used to expand further, most notably into Asia, where they will be focusing their growth. They have hit a wall recently, being fined $700,000 by FinCEN for violating the Bank Secrecy Act, with Ripple not having instituted procedures for anti-money laundering. However, that has been settled surprisingly quickly, and Ripple has been playing nicely with most banks and their rules, while still providing libertarian services to the masses, which is what McCaleb has always dreamed of. Ripple is doing very well this year despite the rocky start, and may become the single forefront of crypto currency as Bitcoin is slowly declining.

Does my Mac Need Antivirus Protection

The answer to this question will simply depend on lots of factors including mainly your own belief on security. However, experts have lots of recommendations. But before we discuss those recommendations, you need to study some of the basic facts about AV or anti-virus software.mac antivirus

As the case may be, the major fact that usually gets dragged under the rug is that no anti-virus software sees 100% of the viruses, which may include XProtect (the anti-malware of Mac OS X). It is a fact that anti-virus software in Windows identifies only 90% of all known malware. Though some Mac AV software does better than the Windows version, there is still no perfect software to do that, as a matter of fact, some may be worse than that.

One more important thing to learn is that no latest version of anti-virus software is competent of blocking a new malware. Whenever a new malware emerges, that most probably has already spread out widely enough to be recorded by the publishers of anti-virus software. From that point, it is already a must for them to locate a copy of that specific malware, study it and include it in their malware list utilized by their software. Hence, as a matter of fact, none still does them any good until the user installed the updated version, which does not appear immediately. It only means that, even a specific anti-virus program processed with perfect efficiency, it will be totally useless for a given time until a new malware has been introduced.

When the outbreak of MacDefender happened, minor adjustments to the packaging and constant name alterations kept the Trojan from MacDefender alternatives one step ahead of all malware or AV software.

Trojans extensively utilize the so-called “social engineering”. The same as other online extortion and phishing scams, they are carefully made to use social-engineeringgreed, lust, fear and another kind of emotions just to mislead you to do what they desire. The MacDefender Trojans are the ideal example of the following scenario: a malicious JavaScript inserted in a trusted site diverts to a web page that misleads you into believing that they have identified certain viruses on your computer, and from that point in time, convinces you into installing and downloading some specific anti-virus software. Hence, in reality, that specific software is just a Trojan that will persuade you to believe that you are really infected by those viruses, even showing some fake symptoms, all while bothering you to purchase their software to be able to remove the virus. And if you purchase that software, you will be secretly asked by those criminals to provide them your credit card details.

Because of this, the “set it and forget it” method of utilizing anti-virus software may usually make one affected to be infected by the right virus. If your program becomes satisfied, thinking that your anti-virus software can protect you from all those threats, it is more unlikely that you will be careful as you must be, and a virus might someday be overseen by your anti-virus software. This is not just a theoretical thing for it has been reported and proven that it can actually happen.

Ways to be anonymous online

Internet privacy concerns aren’t any longer just realm of terrorists, hackers, and cybercriminals. Internet identity if compromised will make users prime target for various kinds of illegal activities and identity thefts. There are several individuals who are worried about safety when online and hence look TRUSTe-Internet-Users-Growing-Privacy-Concernsfor ways to surf anonymously so as to protect their identity. In this digitalised age if you want to keep your online activities safe and secure then you need to follow some basic precautionary steps that also serve towards disguising and hiding your identity. Prior to talking about ways of being anonymous online, let us see what anonymity is. Sites are nowadays tracking visitors for serving advertisements and linking to social media. Each time when users visit a site their IP address (internet protocol), browser used by them, their OS, what links they clicked, what website they are coming from, and how much time they are investing on one website is recorded. Moreover, all primary search engines will store search history of users so as to compile and analyse them for targeting much accurate advertisements and offering relevant search results.

Social networking sites are also tracking you wherever you are going. In case users are logged on to any social networking website, those networks will be tracking their browser history especially if the website one has visited has social networking plugins such as Retweet, Like, and so on. Internet Service Provider is capable of analysing network traffic and seeing what all one is doing on internet. Surfing anonymously completely isn’t possible even if you are using best tools and techniques for doing so. Given below are few ways of being anonymous online.

  • IP hider software – Installing these software is pretty simple as these get installed within seconds with minimum clicks ip hider softwarerequired. These software allow users to access blocked sites as well as bypass filters. There are few IP hider tools that offer online privacy just by cleaning online tracks. Maximum IP hider tools allow adding manually proxy so that users can add proxy of their own. One can update their proxy list periodically as well as check for the new proxies that are available. Generally IP Hider tool providers offer yearly subscription packages for hiding proxy. There are options that will help you change connections as well as randomize connections on a regular basis. The aim of these software solely is to prevent identity of users from unethical or illegal activities.
  • Password Manager – Users should make use of password manager for keeping strong passwords. In case users have used internet for more than a week, there are chances that their password is being scanned or tracked. In case one is planning using slight variations password or same password for more than one website, they are at massive security risk. Suppose their one site is hacked, other account can also be hacked easily. Here you can use password manager that will not only remember passwords for every website that users visit but would also allow users to create random and strong passwords. Moreover, if you are using password manager tools, you don’t require worrying about remembering passwords.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – VPN offers high level of security as it makes use of advanced authentication and encryption protocols. Using VPN, you can access all kinds of applications anonymously such as emails, chats, browsers, etc. Basically Virtual Private Network is encrypted connection that is between the server and user. Traditionally VPN service was used by corporate environments for remote workers to securely and remotely make use of company resources. You can consider VPN as tunnel through internet connecting users with a server directly.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) – Secure Shell tunnel often is referred to as poor man’s VPN as it can offer few features as VPN without much complicated server setting-up activity, though there are some limitations with SSH. This system is solely designed for network traffic forwarding. In general, SSH is employed for securely acquiring as well as using remote terminal sessions. It makes use of strong encryption where users can set their SSH client for acting as SOCKS proxy. Post SSH is operational, one can configure their applications on system- like their browser for using SOCKS proxy. Traffic will enter SOCKS proxy that is running on local system and SSH client will forward it via SSH connection. This process is called SSH tunnelling as well and it works similar to VPN. Traffic between SSH server and computer would be encrypted hence the browser can encrypt connections just as it could if using VPN.
  • TOR – This software is free and is used to enable anonymous communications. The name TOR is derived from actual project that is The Onion Router. This software will direct tor-routinginternet traffic via worldwide, free, volunteer network that includes 6000 plus relays for concealing location and usage of user from conducting traffic analysis or network surveillance. When using TOR, it becomes tough for internet activities to get tracked: it includes different forms of communications, instant messages, visit to sites, and online posts. Use of Tor is for protecting user’s personal privacy and their ability as well as freedom of conducting confidential communication thereby keeping internet activities of theirs away from being monitored. Users can make use of Tor browser. This would act as multiple proxies wherein it would bounce traffic between several relays prior to reaching its destination. Traffic that is going through Tor Browser would be anonymized and TorBrowser browsing would be comparatively slower than other regular internet browsers.
  • Throwaway Email – Make use of throwaway email for registering to websites. Ensure that email address isn’t containing any kind of personal information as well as it shouldn’t be linked to the account that is storing personal information of the user.
  • Privacy-oriented Search Engines – Making use of primary search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. that will allow them to track all that users are searching as well as link them to IP address of the system. Instead users can use alternative search engines that don’t track searches and some of these are StartPage and DuckDuckGo.

About Google’s Piloted Driving Technology

Google Self-Driving Car, Google’s project involves autonomous cars developing technology primary for electric cars. Google’s car is powered by software called Google Chauffeur. There is lettering on car’s each side Google Self-Driving Caridentifying it as “self-driving car”. Currently this project is being undertaken by Sebastian Thrun who is an engineer at Google as well as former director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He is Google Street View’s co-inventor as well. Thrun along with his team at Stanford has designed robotic vehicle CALLED Stanley that won DARPA Grand Challenge 2005 award with $2 million prize award from United States Department of Defense. This team includes fifteen engineers who are working for Google and some of them include Mike Montemerlo, Anthony Levandowski, and Chris Urmson who’s worked on DARPA Grand and Urban Challenges.

In 4 states of United States and Washington DC, legislation has already been passed allowing driverless cars. It was on 29th June 2011 when Nevada State passed a law permitting autonomous cars operation in Nevada post Google started lobbying in state for laws related to robotic car. Nevada law took effect from 1st March 2012 post which Nevada department of motor vehicles had issues first license for autonomous car in 2012 May to Toyota Prius that was modified with experimental driverless technology from Google. It was in 2012 April when Florida became 2nd state that was permitted testing on public roads of autonomous cars.

Robotic cars from Google are having nearly 150,000$ in equipment including LIDAR system of 70,000$. Range finder that is placed on top is 64-beam laser Velodyne. This laser permits vehicle to generate 3D map in detail about its environment. Robotic car will then use those maps generated as well as combine them with maps of high-resolution of the world thereby producing varying kinds of data models allowing automatic driving. Till 2014, June, this system was working with inch-precision map of area which vehicle will be using that had extremely high definition. Some of these areas include places hiving high traffic lights. Apart from on-board systems, there are few computations carried out on the remote computer farms as well.

Project team of robotic car has equipped test group containing 10 cars at least including 3 Lexus, one Audi TT, and 6 Toyota Prius where each one is audi piloted drivingaccompanied by one driver in driver’s seat having unblemished driving record. One of the engineers at Google is seated in passenger’s seat. The robotic car travelled Lombard Street in San Francisco that is popular for steep hairpin turns of it as well as through city traffic. These cars have driven around Lake Tahoe and Golden Gate Bridge. It drives at limited speed that is stored in its map as well as maintains distance from all other vehicles using sensors system. This system also offers override allowing human drivers to take control of their car by stepping on brake or by turning the wheel just as in cruise control systems that are found in several cars running today.

It was on 28th March, 2012 when Google posted video on YouTube showing Morgan Hill California resident Steve Mahan taken on drive in self-driving Toyota Prius of Google. In that video you will find Mahan stating that 95% of his vision is gone and he is legally blind. Youtube video contains description that route carefully programmed picks him from his house to drive-through restaurant, next to dry clean store, and ultimately to his home back. It was in 2012 August when the team declared that they’ve finished nearly 300,000 autonomous-driving miles free from accidents having typically dozen of cars on road at all time. They will be testing with single drivers rather than in pairs.

It was in 2010 when an accident took place involving driverless car from Google being rear-ended while it stopped at traffic light. As per Google, the accident took place because of a car that was human-operated. It was in 2011 August when driverless car from Google got involved in crash that took place near headquarters of Google in California’s Mount View and to this Google responded that the particular car was being manually driven at the time when this accident took place.

Robotic car powered by Google will program your destination as well as figure out quickest possible route. One can see view of the world that this car uses for determining direction. There is a virtual street that is dotted with pink lidar-scanners-and-sensors-systemscolored boxes denoting cars and yellow boxes are there that denote pedestrians. Cyclists will be shown in red boxes. There is green path that tells you intended route. The entire team has invested last few months into mapping each and every junction, stop sign, zebra crossing, roundabout, speed bump, and traffic light in town so as to provide this vehicle with tools for navigating itself. Eyes of this car are high resolution video camera pair on side of it as well as on windscreen. A radar system is provided on front bumper and there is one laser mounted on roof also called Lidar. Lidar will spin ten revolutions per second as well as comes with 360 degree vision that reaches as far as five hundred feet which means length of 1 ½ football pitches. It also has ears that are microphone pairs near boot of this car for listening out horns and sirens while its sensors are on tyres to provide it idea of its width. For the first few seconds, drive would be somewhat nerve-racking but later on it becomes smooth, as suggested by several test takers for this car. Also there would be jerks occasionally when car is processing what’s going on as well as how best it should respond to it though for most part of your drive, it would be confident and smooth. Its skills can be seen when it goes past nearby running cars that are waiting for merging into its lane. Google says that concept of autonomous cars isn’t about glamour and gadgetry like that in James Bond movies but ultimately the aim of this project is making roads safer.

Tips on how to use email service securely

Email account is now an important part of our personal identity because today we do our correspondence and communication. One email account holds lot of personal information about you and this is why it is important to use email service securely. There are a few tips that can be followed for secure emailmaking email service more secure. First thing to do is to have a strong password. There are few very common passwords that are quiet simple to crack and guess and this is why it is good to have a password that has mix of digits, letters and special characters. When accessing your email account on a device that is not yours it is very important to log out instead of closing window.

The recovery email account should also be secure. You must never write your passwords or save them as a file that can be found by using word password. One very important thing to do is to avoid accessing email accounts on public networks like in a free Wi-Fi zone. It is quite easy to access information and public domains. You should set mobile alerts for getting information about change in password or any other sensitive information about your email account.

At times we get many span emails in our account. Some of them ask for some of your information against a promise of some huge sum of money or a prize, which is called email phishing. One must never reply to such emails. Divulging any kind of personal information may help hackers in accessing your account. Log in information must never be shared with anyone. In case you have to share it at some occasion then it must be changed as soon as you can.

While selecting a security question it is very important to do that with lot of care. Many questions like your pets name or name of your school are some questions for which the answers might be known to your close friends or people who have been with you for a long time. If your email id is associated with your bank account then security of your email account becomes even more important. Keeping a little information about your account only up to email servicesyou, might be a good thing. It is advisable to keep the password of your account as small little secret about you.

Certain domains are more secure than others and this is why more popular. You must keep your email account with a domain that offers more security features especially if that email account is associated with your business or professional information in any manner. Some anti-viruses also offer security of email account as a feature. This should be helpful in adding another layer of security to your account.

A Tantalizing Dalliance Can Tempt Even The Noblest Person

When you’ve been married a long time, your eyes can wander.  This is true A Tantalizing Dalliance Can Tempt Even The Noblest Personfor men and women – whether they want to admit it or not. Most married people aren’t looking to create trouble in their relationships.  Divorces are messy and expensive and most marriages have children involved.  But some will go on to taste the forbidden fruit in the form of a ‘little on the side.’

The only way to keep an affair from happening is to work diligently on the relationship.  If we get tired and give up then we’re only creating trouble for ourselves.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but it just doesn’t pay off.  Even if you’ve been with someone thirty years you have to work on keeping things fresh. Flirting is a big help, as is keeping yourself physically active to ensure strong and vibrant health.

Don’t forget, there are people out there looking to enthrall married people in a quick, sexual conquest.  Don’t think for a second that your wife is not a target just because of her age.  A whole new generation of so-called ‘cougar hunters‘ would be happy to fool around with her.

Don’t think your wife is safe from hanky-panky just because she’s older.  If she has a cell phone she can be targeted by a text message philanderer who knows what hot buttons to push.  These guys are reading all about techniques to seduce women.  They make a game out of it these hardcore players do.  They don’t care who get hurts if they score.  Dating gurus like Josh Pellicer encourage these young guys to go after any women they can find.  I’m not trying to scare you here – just trying to open your eyes to what’s going on. You better guard your wife against the hordes of womanizers out there or she might just go for one of these Casanova’s and leave you behind!

The best way to fight fire is with fire!  You can use the same tactics these guys use so your wife will have to reason no step out on you.  If you’re truly committed to your woman there’s no need to slack off on your flirting duties.

You need to keep the home fires burning so no one has to look for action elsewhere.  If you fail to take action on that front you can’t really complain when someone else comes along and picks up the slack!

Married or not, you have to remember your woman has needs that must be satisfied.  If you fail to take care of them, there are plenty of other guys who are more than happy to!  That might be an unsettling thought, but it’s accurate in our current world.  Married woman are just another potential target for pickup artists of all sorts.  If you aren’t careful, these Don Juans will eventually get what their after.